How Smoking Regular Cigarettes Vs. Electronic Cigarettes Causes Damage To Your Lungs

The U.S. Surgeon General, the EPA, and the IARC have declared that smoking regular cigarettes can cause lung damage such as lung cancer, chronic bronchitis, and emphysema in individuals who smoke and, through second hand smoke, to exposed loved ones. The reason this occurs is because of the approximately 4,000 chemicals that are found within tobacco products.

Looking At Lung Damage Categorically

There are many forms of damage caused by regular cigarette smoking; however, the best known of these are lung cancer, chronic bronchitis, and emphysema. Lung cancer is the uncontrolled growth of irregular cells. Normal tissue is pre-programmed to create lungs of a certain shape and for certain functions. When these configuration instructions are wrong, that particular cell and its offspring reproduce without regard to the shape or the function of the organ. This can lead to the formulation of tumors, which obstruct the lung and make it stop functioning as it should. Exposure to carcinogens found in regular cigarette smoke can cause this by altering cellular metabolism or by causing cumulative changes to DNA which is found in the tissue lining of the bronchi.

Unlike cancer, chronic bronchitis is an inflammation of the airways found in the lung. They are called bronchial tubes and function as the pathways through which oxygen flows into the body. When irritated, they create mucus that blocks air from entering, which in turn makes it difficult to breathe. Emphysema, also known for causing breathing problems, is a progressive disease in which the tissue necessary to support the physical shape and purpose of the lung is destroyed. Under normal circumstances, air is inhaled through the bronchial tubes and transferred to the alveoli, which then absorbs the oxygen and transfers it to the body through the small blood vessels that surround the alveoli. When regular cigarette smoke is inhaled, the harmful particles in the smoke become trapped in the alveoli and cause an inflammatory response. The chemicals released during this process can eventually lead to alveoli disintegration, which then allows for a deformation of the organ’s architecture and the body’s subsequent inability to draw enough oxygen into itself, which in turn can cause heart failure and liver damage.

Is There A Cure For The Lung Damage Caused By Regular Cigarette Smoke?

Treatments are available for lung cancer, chronic bronchitis, and emphysema and can range from expensive surgical procedures to intrusive prescriptive medicines; however, these are only treatments and not necessarily cures. Treatment for lung cancer can involve surgical removal of the tumor, chemotherapy, and or radiation therapy. For chronic bronchitis and emphysema sufferers, a bronchodilator can help open airways and supplemental oxygen can be prescribed to assist with functioning. However, these therapies only alleviate some of the discomfort associated with breathing problems. The only known cure for emphysema is a lung transplant, and few patients are strong enough to withstand the rigors involved in the process.

Improve Your And Your Family’s Health By Switching To An Alternative Smoking Experience

There is an alternative to treatments for lung cancer, chronic bronchitis, and emphysema that does not involve a surgical procedure, using a bronchodilator, or suffering from unbearable withdrawal symptoms. Traditional cigarette smokers can improve their health and the health of their family by switching from traditional cigarettes, which contain 4,000 chemicals and carcinogens, to an electronic cigarette, also known as e-cigarettes, which contain only four ingredients: water, propylene glycol, nicotine, and a fragrance that emulates the cigarette flavor.

E-cigarettes are the electric version of a traditional cigarette. They have the appearance, feel, and tobacco flavor of regular cigarettes without the associated chemicals that make traditional cigarettes dangerous. The electronic cigarette utilizes a form of microelectronic technology that has the ability to simulate the smoking experience without the harmful smoke of a regular cigarette. The act of inhaling triggers a process which releases a harmless mist into the air that evaporates within a second, yet delivers a smoking sensation similar to that of smoking a traditional cigarette to the user. One no longer needs to rummage around looking for a lighter or worry about leaving a lit match lying around either. The microprocessor that releases the mist into the air also activates an orange glowing light at the tip of the electronic cigarette to simulate a real smoking experience.

Smoking regular cigarettes not only increases an individual’s chances of lung damage but also enhances the possibility of damage caused by second hand smoke to their exposed loved ones. E-cigarettes are a viable smoking option that does not cause lung damage. Because an electronic cigarette is truly smokeless, it eliminates the harmful smoke inhaled by those who come into contact with them and also removes the fire hazards associated with a lit flame. It is now possible to experience the smoking sensation of regular cigarettes without the risks. E-cigarettes, also known as an electronic cigarette, can shield you and your family from the health risks associated with the lung damage caused by smoking traditional cigarettes.

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Ted Koppel’s Articles

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6 Tips for Choosing Boat Electronics
In summary, your AIS device, GPS plotter, and depth sounder are the most critical pieces of boat electronics for your vessel because they pertain to your safety and the safety of your passengers. Have these pieces in place first, and if you can afford it, there are plenty of extras you can add in the way of entertainment equipment and fish finding devices that you can have fun with.
A Guide to Boat Electronics
Every sea going vessel should have an AIS. This is a device that works similar to a transponder on an airplane.
Boat Electronics Choice 6 Tips
In summary, your AIS device, GPS plotter, and depth sounder are the most critical pieces of boat electronics for your vessel because they pertain to your safety and the safety of your passengers. Have these pieces in place first, and if it’s in your budget, there are plenty of extras you can add in the way of entertainment equipment and fish finding devices that you can have fun with.
Boat Lights Underwater For Fishing And Fun
Underwater fishing lights add to the actual boating experience in numerous ways. Not only do they add tremendously to the ambiance at night, but they attract fish, whether for fishing purposes, or simply the enjoyment of getting to see the beautiful sea life at night.
Boating Electronics for Newcomers
Buying your boat is very exciting, and you definitely want to use it at the first opportunity, but you must make sure it is equipped with the necessary safety equipment, and you’ll probably want boat electronics that will make using your boat more pleasurable.
Catching Grouper By Downrigging?
With a little amount of practice, you will be able to bring in your goupers using a downrigger whether you use live bait or lures. So, get out and go fishin when you can, cause it is gooooood fer ya!
Communicate Everywhere – Ashore and Aboard
It is important to have a high quality communication system on board to ensure safety for boaters. Before, you set out, it is advisable to make sure the boat is equipped with more than one communication device, so that it can be used to send out emergency signals while on board or call for help.
Electronics for Marine Navigation
Navigating on the open water away from land has always been challenging and very exciting.
Fishing Outriggers
Know what you need for your type fishing and boat before you buy a fishing outrigger.
How To Use Cannon Downriggers
A down and dirty quick and easy How To Downrigger fishing Tips. Anyone can do it with a little practice.
Humminbird Marine Electronics
When you’re outfitting your boat with electronic equipment, a great place to start is with safety equipment. All the entertainment gadgets in the world don’t mean much if your boat is in trouble and you’re trying to reach help.
Marine Electronic Products by Lowrance
The first electronic equipment you should obtain or purchase is the safety ones.
Marine Electronics by Furuno
Started in 1938 in Nagasaki, Japan, Furuno Marine Electronics now has subsidiaries in Europe and the Americas as well as in the Far East. Their reputation is one of providing the highest quality marine electronics available.
Marine Electronics by Garmin
Garmin is a name that is widely associated with GPS systems, and they have a line of marine electronics that carry their tradition of navigation assistance to the marine market, with a range of hand held GPS devices. They start at $129.99 and go up to $599.99. Garmin also makes a number of chartplotters with bright four inch QVGA color displays with high speed design for faster map drawing and panning. The chartplotters cost from $499.99 to $999.99.
Marine Electronics by Northstar
Choosing marine electronics doesn’t have to be an exercise in frustration. Northstar has the marine electronics equipment that will help you enjoy your [boat|craft] safely and comfortably while using [equipment|electronic equipment] that’s at the leading edge of technology.
Outfitting you Boat
Outfitting your boat with boat gear is almost as fun as deciding on the boat itself. Indeed the first boat outfitting you need is the safety equipment.
Review of FishFinder Reviews.
Make your buying choice based on a solid understanding of the features you need.
Springtime Trout Fishing
It’s springtime and to many of die-hard fishermen it means the spring trout fishing season has begun. Seasoned trout fishermen know that early spring is one of the best times to visit their favorite trout fishing hole.
Trolling Motors from Minn Kota
Whether it is the primary or secondary form of propulsion on an angler’s boat, a trolling motor is a self-contained unit that can be lifted up out of the water when not in use. Sometimes it’s attached to the bow and sometimes to the stern.
Using Electronics at sea – better fishing
When it comes to marine electronics for fishing, you have a wide array of choices. You can even get an iPhone app called FishHead that tracks weather, tides, and lunar information!
Want Grouper? Go Downrigging!
With a little practice and experimentation, you should be able to bring in your fair share of grouper using a downrigger whether you use live bait or lures. So, get out and go fishin when you can, cause it is gooooood fer ya!

China Electronics Wholesaler Tradingmic Hit The Market With Latest Version Of Car Dvd Player

As to the latest survey conducted by CEA, a large percent of car owners tend to buy car DVD players with built-in GPS navigation system that would make a long road trip easier.

The demand on GPS devices is keeping rising in a stable rate ,which make the car GPS market start to roar in an unprecedented speed, a speed that will drive the car GPS sales to a new height.

Wholesale dropship company tradingmic marketing director jack xiao said this is going to be a great chance for china on line wholesaler.

While demand for car DVD players with Car GPS navigation system was being fuelled by increased suppliers and wholesalers in China, tradingmic’s jack xiao warned buyers that pre-installed software should be paid more attention to before action because most of the softwares might not be as good as the seller claimed it was.

According to Tradingmic’s jack xiao, quoted:”some China car DVD suppliers tend to offer cracked or sample software with their GPS car DVD players in order to seal the order without give enough caution to their customers about the risk of dysfunction of the software in intended countries due to unlicensed software version.

To meet the customers’ requirement ,Tradingmic will in no way offer our customers with the unreliable pirating GPS software, which can not be updated and upgrade later, instead, we provide our customers with fully-licensed software that would work perfectly in their location along with all the information and know-how on how to install the GPS software and how to upgrade later on.

Anyway, is a renowned and reliable china electronics wholesaler and dropshipper that you can trust and depend on. With a one year warranty assure and 3 month return policy, this is going to be your best choice in your life.

The Importance Of Electronic Recycling

Did you know that you can recycle all of your big electronic items? You have probably heard how computers, televisions, and other consumer electronics can release serious toxins into our waste, causing some serious damage to our environment. Luckily, there are companies that specialize in taking away your electronics and recycling them in a safe manner. It is so important to take the time to do this. Not only can electronic recycling in NJ help the environment, but it can help the economy, help with your resume, and give others opportunities to have electronics they couldn’t afford.

Recycling electronics has established several different job positions for individuals. A recent bill was passed in the United States banning any export of e-waste and it created over 40,000 jobs for citizens. This gives others opportunities they normally wouldn’t have. You can also donate your electronics to homeless shelters or other areas that may lack in electronics.

Resume Building

Not only is it good for you to recycle, but if you volunteer or get involved in a recycling program, you can add it to your resume for school or for a job. When it comes to college, universities look for extracurricular activities from students. They want to see someone who will donate time for the sake of others. It shows dedication and responsibility. As for a job application, a manager may find your volunteer work to show hard work and reliability. You would really stand out with such activity on your resume.

As previously stated, your electronics can be given to shelters or homes that may lack the financial needs to get their own computers or televisions. Not only that, but you can even make your school some money in the long run. There are programs that give schools revenue if they recycle any old equipment from their campuses. A lot of schools have experienced major budget cuts so this could be a great opportunity to make some extra money. Electronic recycling in NJ can be a benefit to everyone. You will be helping the environment, the economy, and building up your resume in the process.

Advantages Of 220 Volts Electronics Voltage Converter

Advantages of 220 Volts Electronics Voltage Converter

The world is divided into different power grids. Some countries function on 110 volts where as some function on 220 volts. It is here that the problem arises. Whenever people have to travel from a country which operates on 220 volts to a country that operates on 110 volts then most of their electronic appliances do not function. To ensure that most of these 220 volts appliances function it is mandatory that one has 220 volts power tools which would would ensure that the 220 volts electronic appliances get the right flow of power and they function properly.

One such 220 volts power tool that helps all such people and ensure that their 220 volt electronic appliances function on 110 volts is 110V to 220V voltage converter. A voltage converter, it must be understood, is a device which converts the voltage of any power source to a create a usable and safe power supply. Voltage transformers usually are big in size and are so designed that they can be used at a stretch for longer duration. A voltage converter normally can either double the voltage or can cut it into half. However, there are some converters which can perform both these functions.

Voltage converters usually come with plug end adapters. These can be used without the converters if no voltage conversion is required. It is advised that people carry with them different varieties of plug end adapters as many different power outlets are used in many countries.

Here it would also be worth stating that some countries, apart from having voltage differences, have frequency differences well. Though many 220 volts power appliances are not affected by this, many like clocks etc. do get affected by this change in frequency and may fail to give correct time. It is also advised that voltage transformers should not be used with 220 volts kitchen appliances like electric heaters, or coffee heaters etc.

The above description clearly brings to light the importance of 220 volts electronic converter. It was always a useful 220 volts power tool. However, with the world fast being transformed into global village and people traveling extensively and frequently its value has increased manifold. Judging by the popularity that the product is gaining it can easily be said that the coming days would see its popularity grow even more.

Whose Email Address is This? Find Out With Reverse Email Address Lookup

People today are now using electronic mail as one of their primary communication media. Just as we often find ourselves victims of prank callers, there are now those who are sending prank e-mails too. If you are among those who are constantly receiving unwanted emails, and you find yourself asking the question, “whose email address is this?”you should try reverse email address lookup in order to find out who is sending you these annoying messages.

It works similarly to a phone lookup and will contain valuable information such as the name of the sender, address, and even their phone number. It is a very effective service that is already being used by countless people today who wish to find out the identification of the person who is “stalking” them.

Note though that to answer the question “whose email address is this?”, you are not limited to this option alone. You can also do your own search by simply using popular search engines to get some info on the sender. Just type in the elctronic mail account in the search bar and you would be provided with some results. However, the downside to this is that although it is free, you cannot always expect some relevant and useful results as not many people publish their personal details online, let alone their e-mail addresses.

Reverse email address lookup is still your best choice if you really want to find out who the anonymous sender is. This is not a free service- you would have to pay a certain amount to use it, but if getting the information matters to you, this should not be something you would hesitate to do at all.

When you trace an e-mail addy, you can finally put an end to annoying messages in your inbox and sleep soundly at night knowing that you do not have to put up with any secret identities anymore.

Want to trace an e-mail account to get name and other details of the owner? CLICK HERE!

For more useful tips and reliable e-mail look up services, visit

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How Solar Energy Panels Work

How does a solar energy panel work? This is one of the usual questions in the field of Physics, especially in electricity and energy management. Though we all know that the Sun is one of the huge powers that the entire world can utilize, sadly only a countable number of people are making use of it.

As the sun is in touch with the earth for a minimum of 12 hours a day, energy can be easily taken from it and make use of it to support most of our day-to-day activities, for which we are relying on electricity now. Moreover, this is a regular and renewable source of electricity and power.

Following is the process involved in the working of solar energy panels.

* Though solar energy has molecules that include protons and electrons, we need only the electrons which are used for power

* Splitted electrons can be assembled and manipulated, with the help of materials available at utilities store

* The fast moving tendency of electrons is an advantage, so that the isolation process is quite easy

* The solar plates in the energy panels are coupled with the photovoltaic cells which can separate all the elctrons and hence, they can then be used as energy resource

* In the process, absorption of molecules via solar plates is the first stage. These plates possess the ability to gather electrons

* Transporting the gathered electrons is the second stage. They will be transferred through a serial of filters such as converter, semiconductor wires and finally plates

* This process is to make sure that the electricity thus produced contains pure electrons and no mixture. There will be a power interruption, if protons get mixed up

* Battery storage is the final stage before utilisation of electricity. Generally, a set of ten batteries are consumed so that huge amount of electricity can be stored.

To learn more about solar energy, go to []

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GVO – It’s Services

Global Virtual Opportunities is not one idea, or two, or three or even five capabilities. It is a suite of re-organized and re-bundled business services designed to provide Internet Marketers with market proven tools they need. By owning and housing all the necessary equipment needed to provide these services all in one place, the owners eliminate the middlemen. Thus these services can be offered directly to the consumer at a very attractive single price. They offer all the tools and services needed for a successful online business with a single login!

What are these services? There are several:

1. GVO’s Unlimited Auto Responder and Bulk Mailing System E-mail marketing software plays a large part in achieving success in today’s elctronic world. Responsible bulk e-mail marketing is a powerful tool that legitimate business owners use everyday to grow their businesses online. Successful Internet marketers agree that a reliable, effective e-mail campaign is a essential in today’s fast paced e-commerce. The need for a capable, reliable auto responder which can be counted on to always deliver the mail has never been greater.

GVO has designed and built an inhouse eResponder Pro e-mail marketing system that is targeted to be a market leader! GVO is aiming to be better than their top competitors. How? They will offer these services at one single fixed cost thus encouraging their customers to grow their businesses without having to face an increased the invoice amount. Their unlimited email auto responder will be included with their GVO Titanium package so even if you have a list of thousands spread over multiple auto responders, they can all be consolidated in this one place, all at a single, reasonable price. In addition, reseller hosting is included which allows clients to start their own hosting company under their own label if they wish.

2.GVO’s Prospecting System

Every business needs to grow. The GVO Prospecting system is professionally designed to help clients be more poductive and successful. It will assist in designing lead cpature pages with just a few clicks of the mouse. It is part of a turnkey system which is integrated seamlessly with their bulk mailing system. It is the front end system which turns visitors into leads. Success is in the list and the GVO prospecting system helps grow the list!

3. GVO’s Video and Audio Conference Room!

GVO’s Video and Audio Conference Room provides a ten seat room. It come complete with desk top sharing, a full audio and video communications tool with white boarding for sales and promotional presentations, online meetings, training, providing online virtual support worldwide from your computer. Let GVO Conferencing bring the world closer to you with International communication capabilities! Say goodbye to a large part of business travel and hotel meeting rooms costs.

4.GVO’s Downtime Witness with full reseller rights.

GVO’s Downtime Witness is a monitoring software package which will alert you when your site is down. It will alert you when your competitors sites are down as well. It will email you, or text you, or page you of difficulties as they are encountered. It also can be re-sold to anyone with a website.

5.GVO’s Lead Capture and Video Hosting System

In today’s social media marketplace there is a great need to have videos on websites and in all phases of a good marketing program. Why? Because videos convert sales 3 time more than ad copy alone. GVO’s Easy Video Producer is a turnkey lead squeeze page system which makes producing, recording and uploading videos a snap! Including videos in marketing materials presents a more professional marketing image which can be used to build larger lists and hence larger incomes. GVO’s Easy Video Producer offers video hosting along with all the other tools to make video presentations happen. It is a audio and video recording system which lets you get your videos to your website in minutes.

6.GVO’s Marketing Tools and Training

GVO’s Marketing Tools and Training provide easy to use tools to create websites, squeeze pages, lead capture, marketing and sales assistance, class room training by market seasoned professionals. All the tools listed above are accessed through one login point for ease and speed of use. The aim of all these GVO tools which were designed by Marketer’s for Marketer’s is to make the user more productive and successful in all their business activities online and for all their projects! Thank you for your time and interest.

For more information and to find an autoresponder which pays you more than you pay it, go to:


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Are You Planning To Buy Sony Or Canon Digital SLR Cameras? Are They Good?

SLR Means Single Lens Reflex. That is a single lens is used viewing and as well as taking pictures. A mirror is fixed which will direct the light from the lens to the prism for viewing. There is an elctronic sensor behind the shutter in a SLR system.

This SLR digital cameras are made from the base design of Konica/Minolta SLR system. This type of Sony cameras are best suited for photographers with autofocus lenses. They are also best suited for hobbyist and

Different types of SLR cameras

1. Big lenses with big sensor

2. Big lenses with small sensor

3. Small lenses with small sensor

Types of Sony SLR Cameras

The first DSLR in Sony Alpha Series is SOny Alpha A100. This is slightly heavier which has a CCS Sensor, Autofocus, LCD screen and more. The other types are Sony Alpha A200, Sony Alpha A250, A350 and so on.

Other Features in Sony SLR Cameras

Other special features in this Sony SLR cameras are it can be used to focus an individual among a group of people. This is done with a special object a speical pen using which it can be used to focus and take the picture of a particular person.

For example if in a party you would like to take pictures of your mom and dad among a group of people then this is possible with Sony SLR cameras by using this focussing technique. It will take only the desginated person. Even you can set the camera to take the picture of the person when he smiles.

The smiling range also varies from slight to high. This feature is named as Smile Shutter. The advantage of this feature there is no wastage of shots and hence you can save your precious time.

Sony Cyber-shot Cameras

The new sony cyber-shot cameras comes with a high quality 24mm-120mm zoom lens. The lenses are designed in such a way that it reduces chromatic aberration.

It also protects lens from dust, scratching or damaging the sensor due to lens changes. There is no need to change the lens for different shots. It also allows to take photos horizontal, vertical, high or low angles or upto waist height and so on.

Sensor bodies of sony cameras

Usually the sensor bodies of sony cameras are small and hence compatible photos can be taken with the compatible lenses and it also reduces camera shake.

Buying Canon SLR Cameras

Canon is the strongest competitor in the digital SLR market. This is because of their big lenses and small sensor options. Some of the recommended digital SLR cameras are

1. Canon Digital Rebel XTi

2. Canon EOS 30D

Check the prices before you buy

Have a look at the prices of the SLR cameras. The prices for digital slr cameras start from range from 800$ to 5000$ which are quite higher. Canon and Nikon are coming out for cheaper prices that are affordable. It may range from 1000$ but without additional lenses. Always check in the internet for latest prices before you buy. You will surely find good bargains in many websites

Digital Camera Drivers Webcam [] Cool Landscaping

Cool Nice Perfume

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Flex Belt Review – Does it Work?

The Flex Belt is a highly popular electronic Muscle Stimulation device that’s promoted as a way to tone and strengthen your abdominal muscles without having to actively exercise.

In this Flex Belt review, I’ll examine exactly what this machine can and cannot do and whether it really works or not. But before we begin, you need to try and erase from your mind the images of those sexy models with perfect abs that are used to promote this product. As with any model, their body holds no promise as to the kind of body you’ll get by using this machine. It’s better to stick to the facts as we know them.

Using the Flex Belt couldn’t be simpler: You wear it around your midsection tight like a workout belt. By turning it on, the belt begins to vibrate, pulsating against your skin. These pulses pass through your skin to the muscle tissue beneath, causing them to contract over and over again involuntarily. This is supposed to give you an effective workout without any real effort on your time. You can use this device practically everywhere, even while watching TV. This makes the flext Belt a very convenient and easy product to use.

The technology that’s at the basis of the Flex Belt is called Elctronic Muscle Stimulation (EMS for short). EMS has been used for decades and is a well known treatment method used by physiotherapists to treat injuries and severe muscle weakness. The use of these deviced to improve the fitness levels of healthy people is the subject of debate as some state the the pulse required to effectively train a healthy muscle will likely be so strong that a regular person willl not be able to stand it for long.

The good news is that the Flex Belt has been approved by the FDA as a product that may tone and strengthen your stomach muscles. In that respect, it works and is safe to use. However, you need to understnad what the FDA approval means.

Just because the FDA approved this machine doesn’t mean that it can give you six pack abs. In fact, the FDA states that electric muscle stimulators cannot get you six pack abs or help you lose inches. What they can do is temporarily strengthen and tone your muscles.

In fact, this is what the promotion of the Flex Belt says as well: it can help you tone your muscles and strengthen them. It can’t help you lose belly fat.

In that respect, this product does work or at least does not make false claims. However, to get flat abs or a six pack, you will need to lose belly fat. To do that you have to do traditional workouts and follow a healthy diet. You may choose to use this machine and it may help, but it cannot do it alone.

Visit Does Flex Belt Really Work? to learn more about this device.

For more on the technology behind this machine and other ab belts visit Electronic Muscle Stimulation Review

John Davenport lost over 30 pounds in his twenties after being overweight most of his life. He now runs a weight loss forum and publishes a diet and fitness newsletter.

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